Neuroscience researcher raves about the Baby’s Brilliant app

Here’s a guest post by Gabriella Musacchia, Ph.D. Not only is she an Assistant Professor at Montclair State and Research Scientist at the Rutgers University Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, but she’s also the mother to an active 4-year-old son. Dr. Musacchia is also the President of BabyRhythms®, Music for Infant and Toddler Development. […]

Kids are just a few clicks away from inappropriate YouTube content

Use the Baby's Brilliant app to avoid inappropriate YouTube videos

We here at Baby’s Brilliant enjoy watching the wide variety of “Let It Go” covers from the movie Frozen on YouTube with our kids. We recently watched an excellent interpretation by Alex Boyé and the Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir that features an Africanized tribal cover of the song. After viewing that, we were curious about the […]

How to make your smartphone or tablet safe for your kids

ipad iphone smartphone safety tips for parents

Before you hand over your iPhone or iPad to your kids, you’ll want to ensure they: Can’t access inappropriate content Will spend time on the right app Won’t spend too much time on the device Won’t spend your money Thankfully, today’s smart devices have settings and apps that can help. In this great NY Times […]

What’s so special about classical music?

classical music for babies & toddlers

As you can tell from our musical choices, we’re huge fans of classical music. We love how a complicated, sophisticated score can come together into something so magnificent and moving. But that’s not why we chose to include so many classical music pieces in our Baby’s Brilliant repertoire. We think that there are many benefits […]

Who are we?

Everyone in our family has been critical to the success of Baby’s Brilliant. We are constantly inspired by our three beautiful children: Maxi (14), Carolina (12) and Lucas (9). Not only did they open our eyes to the need for high-quality children’s entertainment when they were babies and toddlers, but they continue to show us […]

Why we created Baby’s Brilliant

Baby with iPhone

Visit any restaurant, store or park these days and you’re likely to see a baby or toddler holding a smartphone or a tablet. As much as we love the printed word, children are following their parents’ lead and consuming content on iPhones, iPads, iPad Minis, computers and other smart devices. According to Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report, […]

New iPhone app helps babies & toddlers learn with live videos and classical music

We’re proud to launch Baby’s Brilliant, a new iPhone app that uses live videos and classical music to teach young children concepts such as numbers, letters, friendship and more! Unlike educational videos that use animated cartoons to teach kids about the world around them, Baby’s Brilliant employs videos filmed and edited by an experienced Hollywood […]